Run by: Kalyan Foundation Trust, Bhavnagar
Supported by: Gujarat Council on Science & Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat
 Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat

Introduction of KRCSC

Scientific quest begins with a childly curiosity and is fuelled by relentless experimentation. When it meets like-minded people and state-of-the-art resources, it culminates into monumental discoveries and inventions.

Kalyan Regional Community Science Center (KRCSC) is instrumental in aggregating all of these to bring the nation forward. Its mission is to create fundamental awareness about science and technology to nurture India’s future: school children.

KRCSC single-handedly plans and carries out scientific activities in Bhavnagar district. They include annual science fairs, science exhibitions, expert lectures, laboratory demonstrations, institutional visits, quizes, and many more activities organized on ad-hoc basis to promote science and technology.

While KRCSC activities are recognized by GUJCOST (Gujarat Council of Science and Technology), the efforts are economically and logistically supported by Kalyan Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation.

Since its foundation in 2004, KRCSC has involved hundreds of schools and thousands of students in its various activities to not only spread the awareness about science and technology, but also to indulge them rigorously into scientific inquiry, thus posing as a stepping stone towards creation of enlightened minds for future India.

With its small team of dedicated people, KRCSC has played a pivotal role organizing more than 300 events and involving more than 135000 people from through out Bhavnagar district since its inception. The events are aimed at familiarizing primary and high school students with:

  • Important concepts of physics, mathematics, chemistry, agriculture, food adulteration etc. through demonstration of instruments and experiments.
  • Pressing challenges like Global Warming, Energy Conservation, Depletion of Ozone layer through lectures of Professors and renowned industry leaders.
  • Eradication of superstition through drama and film shows.
  • National and International level competitions through local training programs.

KRCSC’s efforts have been continually lauded and supported by enthuciastic student volunteers, school teachers, university professors, industry leaders, and research institutes from across Gujarat as well as India.