Run by: Kalyan Foundation Trust, Bhavnagar
Supported by: Gujarat Council on Science & Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat
 Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat

Programme for Community

Superstition Awareness Program 

In our day to day life we are observing different types of belief. Those who believe in them are very much serious about them and feeling that they are victim of that. But those who are thinking scientifically never stretch themselves in such thing. Superstition is the belief in supernatural causality that one event leads to the cause of another without any natural process linking the two events such as astrology, religion, omens, witchcraft, prophecies, etc., that contradicts natural science. Basically science can destroy superstition thanks to Scientific Method. So, ideally, the scientific method leads us from observation to knowledge of fact. An example of this would be the First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics, which we know to be facts because in 100% of experimental instances in which these can be measured they are found to be correct.

This program is an approach to teach how to think scientifically, specifically, to teach how to see the hidden science in all belief.

As part of this program, we show the audience both sides of the coin, viz. scientific side and superstition side. Having seen both sides, people are self-sufficient to get rid of superstitious beliefs.


Food Adulteration Awareness Programme

Food adulteration is a social evil and major problem of the every society. The disadvantages of Food Adulteration are more money for a foodstuff of lower quality and some forms of adulteration are injurious to health. The concept of adding “non –food” substances to food products is not new. Food additives are defined as no nutritious substances which are added intentionally to food, generally in small quantity, to improve its appearance, flavor, texture or shortage properties. 


Film Show 

Television has great impact on today’s child. Most children have visual memory that is more powerful than other mediums. By showing scientific films we are teaching them fundamental science. As part of this program, we organize films around special days like Ozone day, Environment Day, scientist’s birthday etc. In our library we have more than 250 video cassettes, CDs and DVDs on different scientific topics which are highly useful for this program.


Soil & Water Testing Workshop

Soil and Water are basic needs for farming. For farming specific content of minerals are necessary. While specific concentration of different minerals in water is needed for both drinking and farming, if the chemical content of water varies it might be lead to diseases.

So this is the workshop through which most of the village students are benefited. By practically knowing how to test soil and water, they  can know what are the acceptable levels of each component in soil and water, farmers can use them properly. In this workshop we are teaching very basic chemical tests for soil and water. They can be done reasonably without costly equipments. This water analysis will be useful for the underground water also, so it is useful for drinking, farming, or many other uses.


Guest Lectures on Various Subject 

We often arrange lectures, debates and presentations of various scientific topics, with the help of experts. These presentations include live demonstration also, such as one about astronomy. For any phenomenon is going to happen in sky, we are always there to show and explain such events by experts. Such astronomy programs are open for all, so people from all ages benefit from that. We also arrange expert talks with respect to special scientific days, which is followed by interactive question and answer sessions by audience. These talks prove highly useful in raising awareness about science and technology.