Run by: Kalyan Foundation Trust, Bhavnagar
Supported by: Gujarat Council on Science & Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat
 Department of Science and Technology, Government of Gujarat

Bhavnagar ASTRONOMY Club (KRCSC)

Normally conducted during winter months. The Centre has a top class refracting telescope using which astronomy experts conduct sky watching sessions for students and general public at night. Identification of constellations and other celestial bodies, observation of special events like meteor showers and eclipses etc. are part of this programme. This programme is also conducted outside Delhi.

The vast surrounding space is called Universe. The universe includes everything that exists: the stars, planets, satellites & our own earth & all objects on it. But the most beautiful & intelligent creature on earth is Man! We, human beings always eager to know how, why, what, when about this universe & have been doing uninterrupted observations/ researches using the the then existing instruments/ tools/ technology. The main objective of this program is to inculcate awareness about astronomical phenomena, latest development, discovery and to know new theories about different areas of astronomy to the general public & students/ teachers.

Bhavnagar ASTRO Club (KRCSC) work for Astronomical Activity.